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The Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL) plays soccer according to rules produced by FIFA, the world governing body for soccer, US Youth Soccer, Region 1 and the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association. CDYSL also publishes its own set of rules.

The Capital District Youth League and the FC Columbia Club exists to provide opportunities for the youth of the Capital Region to enjoy soccer. CDYSL has implemented a zero tolerance policy to ensure that all games are played in a safe, sporting manner and provide an appropriate environment for our youth soccer players.

Thunder and lightning necessitates that contests be suspended. The occurrence of thunder and/or lightning is not subject to interpretation or discussion – thunder is thunder, lightning is lightning.

This form details the CDYSL/FC Columbia Club Parents and Players Code of Conduct. Please print out and sign before each season.


The league sponsors youth soccer play among 54 clubs in the east-central, and northeast parts of New York, Western Massachusetts, and Southwestern Vermont. As part of U.S. Youth Soccer, CDYSL belongs to the Eastern NY Youth Soccer Association.

World class, indoor, all season, day/night multi-sport playing field. Chatham Soccer Club holds practices, clinics, and participates in tournaments during the winter season at the Fieldhouse.

Afrim Sports offers well organized and competitive soccer leagues for all ages and abilities at our Colonie and Latham Facilities.  League play continues throughout the year.  Teams play 8 games per session.  Play days for your team will typically be the same each week; however, there are instances when we may have to schedule your game on an alternate play day.  Game times will vary from week to week.